Independent skilled immigrants
Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration

What is independent skilled immigration?

Skilled immigration is relatively simple, and applicants only need to meet the English proficiency, age, etc. requirements to submit an application.
Main application conditionsMain application conditions

1. Aged between 18 and 45 years old 2. IELTS scores must be 6 in 4 subjects 3. Occupation must be on the MLTSSL list and meet the requirements of the occupation assessment agency 4. EOI invitation is required, and the EOI score must reach 65 points

This visa is a permanent visa. After obtaining it, you can settle in any area of ​​Australia and study, work, participate in medical welfare, etc. in Australia. It is divided intoThe specific choice depends on personal circumstances.
Application StepsApplication Steps
Complete the assessment
Applicants are scored based on their work experience, occupation, age, language ability, etc. to understand whether they meet the immigration requirements.
The applicant's occupation must meet the important condition of being on the Australian skilled immigration occupation list and obtain the corresponding EOI score;
Submit EOI application through the system
Submit an EOI application through the SKILLSELECT system, which will give priority to high-scoring candidates;
Applicants submit relevant materials after being invited
Applicants must submit visa materials within 60 days after receiving an invitation from the Australian Immigration Department. If you do not meet the immigration application requirements, you must submit materials within the specified time.
Take a medical examination
The Australian Immigration Department designates relevant institutions to conduct medical examinations, and all applicants are required to participate in medical examinations
Visa Success
Visa approved, land in Australia