189 Permanent Residence Score

189 Visa

Independent Skilled Visa
The Independent Skilled Visa, also known as the 189 visa subclass, is a visa category designed to attract invited workers with specific skills that are in demand by the wider Australian community. An Australian permanent residency visa that can be lodged onshore or offshore without the need for sponsorship by an Australian employer or family or friends, or nomination by an Australian state or territory.
Visa Advantages

Visa Advantages

  • You can obtain Australian permanent residency in one step;
  • Can live, work and study in Australia permanently;
  • Can enjoy Australia's medical insurance benefits Medicare;
  • Can sponsor eligible relatives to immigrate to Australia;
  • If you meet the requirements, you can apply to become an Australian citizen (4 years after obtaining PR).
Visa Eligibility Citizens

Visa Eligibility Citizens

Those whose occupation is on the MTSSL, who have passed the occupation assessment and scored 65 points or more in the EOI, can apply for 189 independent skilled immigration. Some people who do not have Australian qualifications but have qualified work experience in China can also directly apply for 189 independent skilled immigration as long as they can get 65 points or more.

Visa valid period

Visa valid period

189 Independent Skilled Migrant Visa is a permanent resident visa, and the visa itself never expires. However, the entry and exit permit to Australia is only valid for 5 years, which is what we usually call the PR 5-year validity period.

Visa application conditions

Visa application conditions

  • 1Be invited to apply by EOI; be under 45 years old at the time of EOI invitation;
  • 2The nominated occupation is on the Long-term Occupation List and has a qualifying skill assessment;
  • 3Achieve 65 points in immigration scoring criteria (except for certain professions);
  • 4Meet the English language requirement, IELTS 4 6 or equivalent, valid for three years;
  • 5Meet health requirements;
  • 6Satisfy the criminal record certificate requirements;
  • 7Meet other relevant requirements.
Visa application steps

Visa application steps

  • Step 1next

    Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • Step 2next

    Provide documentation to support the claims made in the EOI and demonstrate that the applicant meets the other eligibility criteria

  • Step 3next

    After receiving the invitation letter, you can apply online. You can apply in or outside the country. Apply for a visa within 60 days of receiving the invitation

  • Step 4next

    The applicant will be notified after the application; (if the applicant is applying for a bridging visa, he/she will receive a visa grant notification)

  • Step 5next

    When a decision is made on your visa application, you may be in or outside Australia, but not at immigration control. You will be advised of this in writing.

    • If a visa is granted, the applicant will receive 1. Visa number 2. Visa start date 3. Visa conditions (if applicable) A copy of the decision will be retained.

    • If an applicant is refused a visa, the applicant has the right to review the decision based on the reasons for the refusal.

Application process and cycle

Application process and cycle

  • 1. Evaluate the contract

    First, make a preliminary assessment to see if your conditions meet the requirements and whether your occupation is on the occupation list;

  • 2. Preparation

    Confirm that the conditions are suitable, start taking IELTS, do career assessment, and prepare application materials

  • 3. EOI Application

    After passing the IELTS and career assessment, you can start submitting the EOI application, which is the 189 application letter of intent;

  • 4. Wait for screening

    Once the immigration system receives the invitation to apply, your information will be put into the screening pool and wait for screening;

  • 5. Receive invitation letter

    Currently, the Immigration Bureau screens once every three months. Once your score reaches the screening requirement, the Immigration Bureau will issue you an invitation notice, which means inviting you to formally submit an application for a 189 visa.

  • 6. Submit application materials

    After receiving the invitation letter, you can submit the application materials according to the requirements.

  • 7. Receive medical examination notice

    Once the immigration department receives your application materials, it will review them and send you a medical examination notice.

  • 8. Submit medical examination report

    After the medical examination is completed and the medical report is submitted, if there is no problem with the review by the Immigration Bureau, you will be issued a 189 visa approval notice.

  • 9. Login approved

    Get the 189 approval letter and land in Australia within 6 months.

Visa TypeVisa subclasses25% review time50% review time75% review time90% review time
Skilled - Independent visa (subclass 189)Points-Tested676972247
Skilled - Independent visa (subclass 189)New Zealand5837849171088
Visa TypeSkilled - Independent visa (subclass 189)
Visa subclassesPoints-Tested
25% review time67
50% review time69
75% review time72
90% review time247
Visa TypeSkilled - Independent visa (subclass 189)
Visa subclassesNew Zealand
25% review time583
50% review time784
75% review time917
90% review time1088

Applicants should note that points tested skilled migration visa applications that are not in critical sector occupations may take longer than the average processing time. This is because each visa subclass contains applications with different processing priorities. Occupations within the critical sectors are given the highest processing priority.

Application Materials Checklist

Application Materials Checklist

    • 1. Various notarized documents (birth certificate, former name, marriage certificate, degree, etc.)
    • 2. IELTS or other transcripts that can prove your English proficiency
    • 3. Career assessment approval letter
    • 4. Transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.
    • 5. Proof of work materials
    • 6. Qualification Certificate
    • 7. Resume
    • 8. Passport
    • 9. Application Form
    • 10. No criminal record certificate
Obligations and rights after qualification approval

Obligations and rights after qualification approval

Ensure that you have a valid visa and passport before entering Australia and that you and your family abide by Australian laws

  • Rights
  • Live permanently in Australia
  • Working and studying in Australia
  • Join Australia's public health plan Medicare
  • Sponsoring relatives to come to Australia
  • Travelled to and from Australia within five years
  • If you are eligible, you can apply to become an Australian citizen