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  1. Course/School Search

    Course/School Search

    Search courses and schools in Australian for international students.

  2. K12 School Search

    K12 School Search

    Search Australian public and private K12 schools

  3. RPL Course List

    RPL Course List

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) course list

  4. Recommended Course List

    Recommended Course List

    Browse our carefully prepared and recommended Australian course list to help you with your study abroad experience in Australia

  5. Certified course list

    Certified course list

    All vocational certification courses in Australia

  6. Unit Search

    Unit Search

    Need help with your unit study? Search from here.

  7. Release Letter Application

    Release Letter Application

    Apply for release letter and get school transfer done.

  8. Defer Application

    Defer Application

    Application for defer to next intake

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Ours Features

  • Application Procedure Criteria

    Application Procedure Criteria

    All schools are regular overseas institutions

  • Transparent service process

    Transparent service process

    Users can check the progress of the case at any time, and update reminders will be sent to emails simultaneously.

  • The application process is convenient and efficient

    The application process is convenient and efficient

    After submitting your application, you will receive an offer within 48 hours

  • Science and Technology Information

    Science and Technology Information

    Get information about schools anytime, anywhere, and seamlessly connect all application processes

  • privacy protection

    privacy protection

    Maintain personal peace and improve personal security

  • Wide range of products

    Wide range of products

    From application, visa to air tickets and accommodation, "one-stop" service

  • 24h customer service

    24h customer service

    24hX7 days a week, non-stop, just to better serve customers

  • Full tracking service

    Full tracking service

    Automatic reminder of visa expiration, to avoid missing renewal